1. How much do classes cost?

ISU charges by the credit hour. The tuition rates can be found at their website: http://www.indstate.edu/gradexpress/. Out of state students may be eligible for tuition discounts or the in-state tuition rate depending on where they live and/or the nature of their programs.

2. How long does it take to complete each program?

Program completion depends on whether a student enrolls full or part-time with many, but not all, of the programs eligible for part-time enrollment. Depending on the degree, a full time student can generally complete their coursework in two years, although some programs can be completed in as little as one year. Please see the program descriptions on specifics about typical time to degree.

3. Will my previous graduate classes count toward my degree?

For Ed. S. and Ph. D. programs, we do have a mechanism for some or most of your previous coursework to count toward your degree (e.g., master’s coursework that can be applied toward an Ed.S. or Ph.D. degree). For master's programs, the School of Graduate Studies allows the transfer of up to 30% of your required credits. All courses must be approved for transfer by the program coordinator. You should discuss your specific situation with the coordinator of your degree program.

4. Who should I contact to discuss my interest in a particular degree program?

You should contact the coordinator of your particular program. They are:

  • Dr. Kandace Hinton (Ph.D. Program in Higher Education Leadership): 812-237-2897; Kandace.Hinton@indstate.edu

  • Dr. Bobbie Jo Monahan (M. Ed. in K-12 Building Level Leadership): 812-237-2906; BobbieJo.Monahan@indstate.edu

  • Dr. Terry McDaniel (Advisor of Ed. S. & Ph. D. Programs in K-12 District Leadership, Director of Exceptional Needs, Director of Career and Technical Education, and Director Curriculum & Instruction): 812-237-3862; Terry.Mcdaniel@indstate.edu

  • Dr. Amy French (M. S. in Student Affairs & Higher Education): 812-237-2869; Amy.French@indstate.edu

5. Is the GRE required?

The Graduate Record Examination is required for all degree programs except the M.Ed in School Administration and M.S. in Student Affairs and Higher Education.

6. Where do I go to take the GRE?

You can easily schedule your GRE at any Sylvan Learning or Prometric Testing Center largely any time of your convenience. There is likely a center near you. Have your official scores sent to the School of Graduate Studies.

7. Can I start in the Spring Semester?

For the M.S. in Student Affairs and the two Ph.D. programs, enrollments occur only in the fall. For all other programs, coursework can begin in any semester.

8. Where can I find a schedule of classes?

Schedules of classes are available online through the ISU Portal at this website: https://isuportal.indstate.edu. You can look at the schedule of classes and the ISU academic calendar without having to log-in by clicking "Click here to View Resources which do not require a login." in the middle of the page. Or click here

9. What are the most important deadline dates for graduate students?

The most important deadline dates are:

  • Deadlines that may exist for program application (see the program links within our website for that information).

  • Deadlines for registering for classes (see the Important Dates for Registration link in the ISU Portal: https://isuportal.indstate.edu or click here

  • Application deadlines for graduation (YES, you must apply to graduate) found under Critical Dates under the Current Students link at the College of Graduate and Professional Studies website: http://www.indstate.edu/gradexpress/. Applications to graduate can be found under the forms link at the College of Graduate and Professional Studies website

  • For doctoral students, deadlines for final dissertation defenses found at the College of Graduate and Professional Studies website (be aware the department has deadlines the precede the College of Graduate and Professional Studies deadlines by 3 weeks). Deadline information can be found under Critical Dates under the Current Students link at the College of Graduate and Professional Studies website: http://www.indstate.edu/gradexpress/

  • Other deadlines as may be listed through the Department, the College of Education, or College of Graduate and Professional Studies. You are ultimately responsible for knowing and meeting these deadline expectations.

10. How do I register for classes and who do I contact if I have difficulty?

Log in to your “MYISU” Portal at https://isuportal.indstate.edu/. ….on the bottom of the page that loads make sure to click on “MyISUApps” first. Then…Click on the “Student self-service” box. On the left, under “Class Schedule” please click “Register (Add/Drop Classes). You will then come to the “Select Term” page. Under the drop-down box, choose the term you wish to enroll for. If you experience any difficulties, contact the Department of Educational Leadership at 812-237-2900 or 812-237-2895.

11. If I need technical help on distance education related matters such as how to “tune in” to my classes, where do I get it?

The help desk can assist you with your connectivity and troubleshooting needs at 812-237-2910 or it-helpdesk@mail.indstate.edu.

For issues involving BlackBoard, please call 812-237-7000. If you have questions about the course content, contact your professor.

12. Can you check if I am successfully registered?

You can check yourself via through the MyISUPortal after logging in with your username and password: https://isuportal.indstate.edu.

If you need help on how to access your personal portal information, you can call the Help Desk at the Office of Information Technology: 812-237-2910 (toll-free 888-818-5465), IT-Help@indstate.edu