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Teacher Education Committee Members

Terms Expiring 2018

Jacob Payne Graduate Student, Teaching and Learning
Kristen Merriam/Triston Pantone Undergraduate Students, Teaching and Learning
Janet Brosmer Practioner Representative (VCSC)
Tonya Balch Communication Disorders & Counseling, School, & Educational Psychology
Steve Gruenert Educational Leadership
Larry Tinnerman (Parliamentarian) Curriculum, Instruction, and Media Technology

Terms Expiring 2019

Brad Venable Art and Design
Myung-Ah Lee Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport
Diana Quatorche (Secretary) Teaching and Learning
Cassandra Caruso-Woolard Teaching and Learning
Myung-Ah Lee Kinesiology, recreation, and Sport
Diana Quatroche  Teaching and Learning
Jodi Frost Mathematics and Computer Science
Della Thacker Teaching and Learning
Scott Sterling Language, Literatures, and Linguistics
Eulsun Seung Science Education
Eric Hampton Communication Disorders & Counseling, School, & Educational Psychology

Terms Expiring 2020

Chavez Phelps Communication Disorders & Counseling, School, & Educational Psychology
Robin Burden (Chair) Teaching and Learning
Li-Wei Peng Teaching and Learning
Bobbie Jo Monahan Educational Leadership
Kelly Wilkinson Management, Information Systems, and Business Education
Richard Tarr College of Technology

Ex Officio

Jaqueline Shin College of Graduate and Professional Studies
Dennis Ballard College of Arts and Sciences
Janet Buckenmeyer Bayh College of Education
Denise Collins Bayh College of Education
Ryan Donlan Bayh College of Education
Judy Sheese Bayh College of Education
Yasenka Peterson College of Nursing, Health and Human Services
Kelly Wilkinson Scott College of Business
Stephen McCaskey College of Technology